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Explanation, Specimen Agreements, Forms

The most comprehensive explanation of Charitable Lead Trusts.
Details the income, gift, estate and capital gains tax implications for all types of lead trusts.
Explains the Internal Revenue Code, published revenue rulings, letter rulings and Treasury regulations.
The definitive explanation of:
charitable lead annuity trusts,
charitable lead unitrusts,
non-statutory charitable lead trusts;
reversions to donor;
remainders to grandchildren and others;
inter vivos and testamentary;
charitable lead trusts created by corporations;
opportunities to seize;
 Specimen trust agreements and provisions for virtually every situation:
inter vivos and testamentary;
grantor and nongrantor;
reversions to donor;
remainders to family members.
 Computing charitable deductions:
simplified forms;
Treasury Tables.
 Reporting forms:
specimen forms;
guides showing how donors claim charitable deductions;
forms required to be filed by trustee with the federal government.

$215 plus shipping & $6.50 handling. Looseleaf—supplemented and revised annually.








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