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Planned Giving Lectures in Your Community


Charitable Contribution Tax Seminars on IRAs & Other Charitable Gifts 

for attorneys, CPAs, trust officers, CLUs, financial planners
Ethics for Estate Planners is a popular add-on. Increase contributions and maximize tax savings with the new incentives. Avoid pitfalls and penalties.

One of my greatest joys is explaining how “to make a difference” by maximizing charitable gifts. Please call me at 203-637-4311 to discuss the appropriate program for you and to schedule a date.

— Conrad Teitell

Lecture topics include:

taxwise philanthropy income, gift, estate and capital gains tax saving on outright and life income gifts. 

outright gifts cash, securities, real estate, artwork, bargain sales, sophisticated giving techniques, dealing with problem properties.

life income gifts charitable remainder unitrusts, annuity trusts, pooled income funds, gift annuities, deferred payment gift annuities, remainder interests in residences and farms, charitable lead trusts.


four-hour program   $11,000 plus travel expenses
three-hour program   $9,000 plus travel expenses
two-hour program      $6,500 plus travel expenses
A 400-page outline is included for you to reproduce and distribute to the participants.
Informed advisors are members of your team. They're receptive to development officers' proposals and can advise clients about the tax and other benefits of charitable gifts.



Intensive Planned Giving Program

a full-day program for attorneys, CPAs, trust officers, financial planners, CLUs

"Find time. I heard him speak — he was good as billed."

From rookie to pro in a single day:

Tax techniques for outright, charitable remainder and charitable lead gifts

Estate planning — what you need to know

Start, expand, promote and administer planned giving programs

Sponsorship suggestions:

co-sponsor with other charitable organizations 

planned giving councils

local banks, professional firms, community foundations

a large charitable institution for its own staff and key volunteers

co-sponsor with a local estate planning council and invite attorneys, CPAs, trust officers, and financial planners. (They'll get continuing education credits while they learn how clients can make Taxwise charitable gifts — and welcome the opportunity to network) 

Fee: $13,000 plus travel expenses. A 400-page outline is included for you to reproduce and distribute to the participants.


Planned Giving Lectures in Your Community

Estate Planning Strategies

 a two-hour program for donors,  volunteers, board members  

estate and financial planning in today's economy
the essentials of wills and trusts
saving federal estate, gift, capital gains and generation skipping taxes and cutting probate costs
living wills, durable powers of attorney for financial management and healthcare

how to make outright and life income charitable gifts that benefit charities, donors and family members 

Fee: $6,500 plus travel expenses

"It's hard to beat the fun and good will that Conrad Teitell engenders."

Conrad Teitell

"Estate planning becomes even more importantand more challenging with the passage of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act (EGTRRA)." Teitell discusses the new law in both the Estate Planning Strategies and Smart Philanthropy programs. 

Smart Philanthropy benefits charities and donors

a luncheon or dinner talk for donors, volunteers, board members

This program enables Conrad Teitell to talk informally with important donors and their advisers. After dessert, he'll entertainingly tell your group how well-planned philanthropy benefits donors, family members and your institution. Call Conrad to discuss a special program for your needs.  

"Dynamic, as always, and helpful."

"He really knows how to hold his audience"

Get a special 10% discount for sponsoring two or more programs in your community

Cut costs by co-sponsoring with neighboring institutions or enlisting local bank, firms and community foundations as funding sponsors.

We'll suggest ways to ensure your program's success - from invitations to promotion




Last Wills: Past and Present...the Wise and the Whimsical

for donors, volunteers, board members
In this light-hearted and entertaining talk, Conrad gets the charitable giving and estate planning message across
 Fee: $6,500 plus travel expenses

Schedule 2 or more programs on the same day and get a special 10% discount.

“A great session — lively, entertaining and informative.”


To arrange for a program or discuss dates with a live person, 

Call toll free: (800) 243-9122 « Fax: (203) 637-4572 or use our online Order/Request Form



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